Tyco relay

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Plastic housing with mounting tab.

Starter solenoid switches etc. Read about company and get contact details and . KHAU is produced on an automated line, while KHU is produced manually. Specifications and availability subject to change. Technical support: Refer to inside back cover.

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KUP Series Panel Plug-in Relay. V, 30A inductive load with . TYCO ELECTRONIC RELAY RECALL. Ships for free on orders over $25. CONTACTS: SPDT CONTACT RATING: N. Micro Relay K (THT – THR).

Tyco Minerva RM5Relay Module. All specifications subject to change. HALF SIZE HIGH PERFORMANCE RELAYS. KUL Series Latching Panel Plug-in Relay. SIGNAL SWITCHING RELAYS.

We are Authorized Distributors for the Diptronics Products in India. All technical performance data apply to the relay as such, specific conditions of the individual application are not considered. The mercury-wetted contact relay represents one of the more sophisticated types of relays made today.

The early pioneer work in mercury-wetted contact . The dotted lines shown between pins on 11-pin diagram indicate internal connections.

Multifunction Time Delay Relay. Buy yours today from Induction Solutions! They can also be used in various other . The takeover is subject to the approval .