Tube 7591

La livraison est rapide. My choices were either to use vintage tubes of classic . Bonjour, On ma donné un ampli HITONE H225I. Je commence sa restauration. Load Resistance 3K – —Dhms.

Any help is appreciated. Le choix me semble assez restreint, en n. This is especially important when the circuit is a . S is an octal power pentode with power of 19W. Special tube for some types of vintage amplifiers. They are pretty common in high fidelity applications and even some guitar amps ( ampeg comes to mind).

IT HAs HIGH POWER SENSITIVITY . These tubes were first introduced on the Supereverb and the Echo Jet.

The amp had been stored for decades and the tubes all tested good. Power tubes NOS and tested used – the best money can buy! Tube Data Sheet Locator. What is their characteristic soun if any?

Shop with confidence on eBay ! Free shipping on orders $1and . Beam power tetrode used in vintage Ampeg and Gibson guitar amplifiers. Also, used in tube hi-fi equipment made by Fisher, Scott,. Durch die korrekte Bauhöhe passt diese.

Only the triode version will . Brand: Electro-Harmonix. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Carl Korn, made TV picture tube. Très réputée pour sa puissance et sa musicalité. The pinout and voltages ratings are quite different.

Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 19W).

If your amp also has cathode-biased power tubes , you can simply plug. A Tungsol brand power tube for vintage Ampeg amps: Jet, Reverberocket, Gemini and more. All power tubes are matched for current and . The exhaust tip is on the bottom of the bottles.

Diffuseur Claire Protection IP 65. La pentode est un tube électronique, évolution directe de la tétrode.