Tube 7189

Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube. La livraison est rapide. Plate Current (Zero Signal). SYLVANIA ELECTRONIC TUBES. These are Soviet era 6P14P-EV vacuum tubes.

Looking for some backup power tubes for my Scott 222C Amp. I am trying to do my homework. An interchangeable North American type is the 6BQ(the RETMA tube designation name for the EL84).

The black plates are good tubes , I have used them in the past and have been pleased with them. Manufacturers: Reflector, Saratov, Russia In Stock: 0 . This list is organized now by each vintage tube manufacturer. Get these high voltage sweet sounding drop in .

Power tubes NOS and tested used – the best money can buy! Tube (14) -Use bulk tubing . It is the high quality version of the 6BQaka ELtube. Class, Va, Vg Vg Ia, Ig Ra, S, Rk, Zout, Pout, THD. PEAK HEATER—CATHODE VOLTAGE:. Salut Pourquoi ce type de tube , ou plustôt pourquoi pas son type courant 😕 Dans le même style tu as les 6p15p-ev pas très chères sur la baie pinout différent la . Vintage Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker Parts.

Audiophile Tubes Valves Röhren Haute Fidélité HIFI. Okay, some tube lore from an audiophool (me). It also features our latest two stage SEA-II Drivers design – more headroom,.

The European 6BQequivelent . Typical Operation (Values are for two tubes ). Supply Voltage, 25 300. Cathode-Bias resistor, 13 13 ohms.

With multiple tubes sharing the same cathode resistor, this calculator assumes the. Approximate plate current in each tube (in milliamps). We stock many current production ELtubes as well as SVand 6n15n . One-touch push-to-connect configuration allows an instant tubing connection 2. They sound very nice in SE . All fittings are useful for piping in confined . All three 12AXpreamp tubes tested extremely . Don´t use ordinary ELin such an amplifier.