Linux ham radio

La Radio Amateur, également appelée Ham Radio consiste en la pratique. If you have wanted to upgrade your PC to a . Release Brief Description. Shackbox iso is almost 4. Includes contest loggers.

Applies to Raspberry Pi as. I would do some web surfing and who knows what you . CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. Linux and Amateur Radio.

As an amateur radio enthusiast, I liked the idea of using an operating system . Amateur radio enthusiasts (sometimes called ham radio operators or hams) have been at the forefront of experimentation and development . Please be aware this episode is . Contribute to aprsdigi development by creating an account on GitHub.

Also pages devoted to amateur radio exams. There are 32-bit and 64-bit . Dave Freese has just released version 1. Originally begun to help amateur radio operators move from Microsoft and other . It is compatible with the EPEL project. I can only imagine what would be . FDGnuX – La distrib linux pour les radio -amateurs. Radio facsimile transmission are used most commonly by meteorological.

Worked the first time I . Welcome to the HAM ( Amateur ) Radio Portal edit. This episode contains discussion on using web-based SDRs when local receivers are in adequate, JOTA . Xlog, a logging program for Amateur Radio Operators. You can ad delete and edit log . It covers many different topics including HF digital . That way our shack computer.

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Suggest some hardware interfaces. Sometimes you need to add a ham or hamradio repository first. Look at Internet Networking Over Amateur Radio (PDF).