Fusible t1l250v

Il est écrit T1L250V sur le fusible. Fusible temporisé sept. Autres résultats sur forums. For Resellers and High Volume Orders: Please request a . Buy the LITTELFUSE T1L250V from EOL. Description, Prix, Gamme de courant, Diamètre, Plage de tension, Vitesse de fusion, Taille de fusible , Longueur hors tout, Pouvoir de coupure, Matériau du .

Essayez quelque chose comme. Series, × mm, Fast-acting Fuse. Designed to International. IEC ) Standards for use globally. Ceramic Body Single Pigtail Time-Lag Cartridge Fuse.

This slow-blow glass fuse is rated 1. V to protect equipment and consumer electronics from short circuits and power surges. It meets the circuit- protect.

Je peux trouver ça chez Casto ? Buenas, Se me ha estropeado un fusible de un amplificador Klipsch. No se cual comprar para sustituirlo, ya que pone: T1L 250v. Ask your Nissan fusible t1l250v related question.

Get free help from top Nissan experts. T1AL250V, T1A 250V, T1L250V cartridge GLASS fuses 5X20mm, 1A 250V, Slow-blow. Fuse -Links time-lag Slow-blow. Factory warranty in stock on Eska Fuses. Technical assistance, hour service and same day shipment on fuses, call 800.

Buy New or Surplus LITTELFUSE T1L250V ( FUSE ) parts. Radwell also repairs LITTELFUSE T1L250V. Y el del cd es el T1L250v Shocked. Line fuse : T1L250V for 230V AC.

Products – PCB mounting M2fuse holder. Supplied with screw cover to hold fuse in place. Durchgebrannte Sicherung (Burnt 500mA fuse 5×20) von Dmitry G,. Valores de los fusibles. AC MOTOR CAPACITOR, AC-DC CONVERTER, AGC IF TUNER, AIR .