The enlarged bumped pads of. Carte au format ISO: 85. Il est petit en taille et un encodeur de carte EM de bureau avec interface USB. The Token tags usually own LF and HF chips, as your request. And custom size, color, style, chip for you.

Site de vente en ligne au . Product number: CF-RL210. The frequency is 125KHz, and this chip is made from EM company. Hi everyone, and happy new year! Working frequency: 125KHz. Reading range: 6~8cm typically.

However, chips can often be rewritten more than . Durable Global Bin Tag transponders offer superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil and petroleum, as well as high tolerance to shock . The function of this machine, copy the ID card number, reads the ID car ID card number to write custom. Free to send cards to write software . Glass Tag can be embedded into custom housings and mounted on virtually any surface, such as metal, plastic, woo paper and water, making them ideal for . Plastic smart card manufacturer,specialized in Mifare cards,RFID tags,RFID wristbands,NFC tags,RFID readers. Make sure the USB driver installation successfully. RFID token (125kHz) met voorgeprogrammeerd id (deze staat op de kaart geschreven). Op deze kaart kan 5bytes aan data worden opgeslagen.

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Specifications rfid air coil for making animal ear tag. MM rfid air coil for making animal ear . Bezkontaktní RFID karta, pracovní frekvence 1kHz. RFID Screw Bin Tag transponders perform exceptionally well, withstand abuse . RFID card 32-bit access control kit,TCP two door access . Free shipping ProxmarkEasy VDEV . Id Vip Card Rfid Blocking Plastic Id Card High Quality Rfid Card.