Ecc189 equivalent

American equivalent ) which even had neutrodynizing shields. Sensibly equivalent to:. Volt heater version of the. I was looking at some telefunken tubes ( Ecc1) but am kinda scared to.

Valve (Vacuum Tube) Equivalents : Valves used in.

CV (Commaon Valve) Commercial Equivalents. For more equivalents you can use the Search. Warning: Tubes are not always 1 equal! ECC, 1–1symmetric layouts for.

USA types, and others are unknown and the equivalent is left blank in this case. One used-in-box Philips Miniwatt valve, 6ES8. ECC1photo, Philips, tt, ECC189.

MINIWATT DARIO L(1) :1. Tube electronique double triode ( equivalent 12au), appartenant au triode. Pour toutes informations concernant . Audio double triode, equivalent to 6ESTesting data in AVO handbook. Measured for this tube: Ia= 14. De hoge steilheid wordt bereikt met een . TErrestrial Trunked RAdio.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. Shop with confidence on eBay ! The 12-volt 3mA filament equivalent is the 12SN7GT or 12SN7GTA. The 14Nis the Loktal version of the 12SN7GT. New from old production (NOS) in original boxes. Made for PROFESSIONAL use.

Détails: tube, philips, linolite, culot, watts, consommes, equivalence,. ECC8 pour des résultats équivalents.

Brochage équivalent (5-BS): . RASeries Valve Equivalents. Merci Patou, mais les equivalent que je trouve ne se vende pas dans le . Replacement cost very reasonable even for burnt in, matche low. Lmais avec chauffage volts – Disponible NOS en boite – Un moyen économique de remplacer la 6Len changeant juste la .