Site de recherche de fiche technique pour des composants électroniques, des semi-conducteurs électroniques, des circuits . COM – Datasheet search site, Datasheet search site. Если вы хотите на другом языке, можете попросить на . Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage. This PDF catalog is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co.

The RFP30N06LE, RF1S30N06LE and RF1S30N06LESM are N-Channel power MOSFETs manufactured using the. Features: ➢ bars, 30. LED light bar, BI-COLOR TYPE. Ultra brightness available. Excellent character appearance.

This configuration is designed for PC board or panel mounting. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ( Ta=25°C ,unless otherwise specified ).

Property of Lite-On Only. Meet ROHS, Green Product. Extra thin ( 5H mm) Chip LED. Package in 8mm tape on diameter reels.

Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise. Your require pages is cannot open by blow. Reason : Connect this pages through directly deep link. Free datasheet search site. Super low consumption current.

Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0). Designed to meet IEEE 802. Operating temperature range: . Total Capacitive Charge. VR = 0V, TJ = 25°C, f =1MHz.

Signal information, including a . GaAs dust and fumes are toxic.

Do not break, cut or pulverize the . Spectral responsibility is approximately human eye response. Illuminance to Digital Converter. It shows lower EMI noise characteristics than conventional PWM . Mode of operation: All six inverters can be used independently of one another.

AllDataSheet Website Is The Best To Search For Components Datasheet. Oscillator frequency lose Fl = ltfl, C = pF 2. Hysteresis voltage VH DI.