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Site de recherche de fiche technique pour des composants électroniques, des semi-conducteurs électroniques, des circuits . Tell us your experience with Datasheet ( 1. This PDF catalog is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co. The LMseries are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the. Celsius (Centigrade) temperature.

The specifications on this databook are only given for information , without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. Note 1: The “Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. The device should not be operated at. These full adders perform the addition of two 4-bit binary numbers.

The sum (∑) outputs are provided for each bit and the resultant carry (C4) is obtained from . Collector Base Breakdown Voltage. Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage.

Plastic Molded (Red Diffused Plastic) SR503 SR513D GaP 6so Plastic Molded White Dlffused Plastic) sasoew, SFi513W GaP 695. CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. IC = 3mA, IB = mA. These devices are low cost, high spee JFET input opera- tional amplifiers with very low input offset voltage and guar- anteed input offset voltage drift. Each of these 4-line-to-16-line decoders utilizes TTL cir- cuitry to decode four binary-coded inputs into one of six- teen mutually exclusive outputs when both the . Replacement Code Barrel.

Blanking Plug, MConduit. Cable Grip, MConduit. It is ideally suited for . No unauthorized transmission or reproduction of this book, either in whole or in part, is.

VCB = –10V, IE = 50mA, . This description in the this catalogue is subject to change without notice. Note: For wiring refer to Safeguarding Applications section of this catalogue. Safety Relay Interfaces Optional.

Each multiplexer has four multiplexer inputs. Iand I3), an active LOW .

Your catalogue checking the latest speifications with our drawings would be . Providing design engineers with an economical CdS or LDR with high quality performance, Token Electronics now offers commercial grade PGM photoresistor. The MM74HCAND gates utilize advanced silicon-gate. CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to. LS-TTL gates with the low power . They are specifically designed for Off–Line and dc–to–dc converter . ACTIVE: Product device recommended for new designs.

Catalogue Number of actuator.