Velleman k4040

Dès maintenant, achetez en ligne . Remise pour les adhérents. Commandez vos produits high-tech au meilleur prix en ligne. For most of us, a high power tube amplifier is unaffordable. This kit changes that, .

Read honest and unbiased product . I got into my first tube amps. Along with others, I have performed somewhat extensive . Now everybody can enjoy that sublime valve sound. The sound of valves cannot be surpasse neither by transistors nor FETs.

In the development process, . The receiver has worked fine for several years with the original tubes that came with it from Velleman.

A high-power valve amplifier has long been beyond the . Comparer et trouver les meilleures offres parmi vos marques favories. STEREO VALVE POWER AMPLIFIER. Pure valve sound with high quality ELvalves.

Stereo Valve Power Amplifier. Price comparison Switzerland. ELboîtier chromé de qualité excellente anneaux chromés pour protection de la base des tubes réglage facile. Horn loaded speakers etc.

Dieser läuft an, klingt gut und sauber, allerdings griff ich nach sec . Acquista online con sconto €sul . Vente Kits, Velleman , Applications audio-Hi Fi. Frequency Range: 8Hz-80kHz (-3dB ref. 1W). Vern Sie beispielsweise. Intresting Link and review.

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The amp is in excellent condition and is very well made. Is rated for 90W per channel tube power. Kijk voor meer Versterker-bouwpakketten van VELLEMAN.

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