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See what people are saying and join the conversation. The IC is comes in an SDIP format which is unusual and . It uses the chip for a. Instruments de musique, Equipement audio . Production, Chips, and more! A place full of custom synths, circuit bent machines, modular madness and other techno stuff. BIRD CHIRP MUSICAL ORGAN. Einige Schaltungen für Soundeffekte und einen (sehr) simplen Synth habe . Feel free to make an offer!

VCO, low frequency oscillator, noise source. Circuit board available. Solid state: Chirp, jangle, woosh, bang. Ho trovato sul vecchio n. Voice Module… Short description: The picture above shows the front panel of my module.

There is the LFO section to the left: You will . Complex Sound Generator.

Ein komplexer Soundgenerator. Es gibt wohl nichts, was sich nicht auch elektronisch realisieren lassen würde. Wem die Umwelt nicht genug an . Three Siren Sound Generator.