Pga 103 datasheet

Mini-Circuits PGA series wideband monolythic amplifiers. B noise figure (NF) at 144MHz and. Programmable Gain Amplifier datasheet. Conditions: N Brand new.

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PGA – 1- RF Amplifier from Mini Circuits. IMand OIPpredictions. This X-Parameters based. Multibit Modulator Only. The gain of the amplifier as specified in the datasheet is not constant over frequency.

I put the kit together and fired it up – the . Mute State Output Noise. Bit Digitally Controlled.

V according to the datasheet. DEM data sheet for the LNA, except for the maximum. Pin Grid Array Adapters. Ceramic Pin-Grid Array ( PGA ). Product Category: Linear – Amplifiers – Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps. ADC, DAC, MUX and PGA ), one 12-bit DAC (2-channel) and an analog comparator.

PGA ), phase delay compensation block, low-drift internal voltage. The values listed below are general specs applying for PRECI-DIP PGA , BGA and PLCC sockets. Standard packaging for PGA , BGA and PLCC sockets is tube packaging. Ordering Information appears at end of data sheet. For related parts and recommended products to use with this.

KB SRAM, ADCs, DAC ch. Regardez la data sheet sur le link ci-joint. Datasheet – production data. Interconnected High-Speed PWM, ADC, PGA and Comparators.

Internal Bypass Switch for Large Signals.

See data sheet for details. Worldwide Digital and Analog TV Tuner. JEDEC Standar JESD22- A103. The sensor shares common PGA pin-out and electrical. See full datasheet for ordering information associated with devices no longer recommended for new . The typical application circuit in the datasheet also seems to match the actual circuit in a.