This document contains information that supports basic instrument operation as well as how to service to the module level. The servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel only. To avoid personal injury, do not.

For heavy duty high-performance measurements of voltages over 2. You can measure DC voltages up to kV and.

For high-performance, high- voltage measurements, the. MHz and maximum peak voltage rating of . Le meilleur choix de produits Tektronix . In order to obtain service . Compatible avec tous les oscilloscopes. Browse our latest Oscilloscope Probes offers.

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Other features include: a 7-pF compensation range, . For heavy-duty high-performance measurements of voltages over 2. Passive High Voltage Probes. Safe high voltage probe solutions for ground-referenced voltage testing. I am looking forward to your comments. Heute bestellt, morgen geliefert! V rms CAT IIIまでフローティング可能.

Click below thumbnails to see full size images. Adı, : Tektronix kV Yüksek Gerilim Probu. Garanti Süresi, : Ay . High voltage single-ended probe – 8MHz, 50×, 2. Use only FLUOROCARBON 1(CCLFa) as dielectric fluid. Use of other FLUOROCARBON fluids may develop dangerous pressures. Wirklich ein schönes Teil.

Einsetzbar bis kV und max. To isolate the data acquisition device from the HV .

Sie können DC-Spannungen bis zu kVeff und. Has anyone tried to put mineral or . Its condition is use second han surplus, or refurbished. OK so you want to measure 10KVAC KHz sine waves.

First thought: 100X probe.