Optris ct

En outre, il est possible avec le thermomètre IR optris CT XL 3M de saisir même des objets minuscules et de surveiller également des processus rapides grâce . The sensors of the optris CT series are noncontact infrared. Precise non-contact temperature measurement from -50°C to 975° C. One of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 22:optical resolution. Pyrometers optris CT LT and CTex LT.

Due to its special spectral range of 3. CT Pis perfectly suited for precise temperature measurements of thin plastic films like PE , PP . CT Gis perfectly suited for the measurement of glass temperatures, e. The IR sensing head is suitable for use at ambient. Special accessory for specific applications. Highly flexible in being installed by . They calculate the surface temperature based on the emitted infrared energy of .

New: Miniaturized Infrared Thermometer with. Checksum is needed for set commands but not for read commands. The protocol has no additional overhead. USB, RS23 RS48 CAN,.

Optris Infrared Thermometers. Le système optris CTtrans combine un thermomètre infrarouge optris CT LT et un radiateur . THERMOMETRIE INFRAROUGE optris – ct -ratio-pyrometer. Site Web par CoMpoZ-it.

Thermomètre infrarouge miniaturisé pour des utilisations universelles avec une électronique séparée et configurable. Cost saving solution by simple concept. Sensing head as simple electrical device enables installations in . The optris CT LT: Two-piece infrared sensor with separate electronic box, including programming button and display.

Available as ex version. Model: CTF-SF15-Cfrom Micro Epsilon. Data Sheet optris CT 3M.

Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Navíc poskytuje širokou variabilitu díky . The pyrometer optris CT 3M is ideally suited for employment in low-temperature . Für den Einsatz auf engsten Raum zur Messung von dünnen Kunststoffmaterialien wie PE, PP oder PS empfehlen wir das CT P3. XTemp CT LT-… 600°C Raport D:S 15:1.