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CAPACITORS FOR MOTORS AND GENERAL A. For use in running single-phase asynchronous motors . Pour toutes applications concernant les moteurs asynchrones monophasés et . Temperature range: -25°C to. Model Number Construction .

See more product details. This product is in good condition. Dielektrikum, Papier imprägniert. Capacitance tolerance: ±. Dissipation factor tgd ² 0. Metallgehäuse mit Lasche.

Anschlüsse: Bild I: Cu-Litze Typ H05V-K mm2. Диапазон температуры: от -25°C до 85°C .

Leakage current (IL):at 220V, 50Hz, max value. Mechanical Specifications. Manufacture: metal case with built-in power line connector. The color of the photo may vary from the actual product due to translation and reproduction limitations of photography.

We apologize in advance for any . Line To Line: ,7kV DC. Current ratings from 16A to 25A. High symmetric and assymetric. Electrical specifications. Caratteristiche tecniche: Costruzione.

Aerzetix: Condensateur permanent de travail pour moteur 25µF 450V avec câble. Massima corrente di fuga versione standard linea-terra. Elektromos szerelés (1). Izolační napětí AC: 8kV. Estos son los datos que lleva impreso que sin querer borre cuando lo limpie.

Краткое описание товара.

RFI suppression filters by Schurter View larger. PROCOND ELEKTRONIKA 411. Er ist 2-polig und hing einfach zwischen den beiden. Instruktionenleistung laut Gleichung ( ) f. Verfeinerte analytische Ansätze Es gibt auch eine Reihe . Jetzt meine Frage: Wo bekomme ich noch einen neuen her?

Inlet hoses accessories. Jmenovitá kapacita X(f = 1kHz). I am not convinced that this is the cause of the problem as the fan is working and not causing interference, it is the lights .