Hermetically sealed

Used technically, it is stated in conjunction . Types of glass-to-metal. Oil ‎: ‎Mineral, silicone, ester or vegetable type Material temperature classes ‎: ‎A, F Power ‎: ‎kVA – 5MVA Voltage Class ‎: ‎1. Space and time can not be . Glass vessels, such as the bulbs of incandescent lamps, are hermetically sealed often by melting the glass together over any opening into their interior.

Synonyms for hermetically sealed at Thesaurus. Forums pour discuter de hermetically sealed , voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions . Sealed with an airtight hermetic seal. Wells, chapter X, in The Time Machine : Now, I still think that . Dictionary and Word of the Day.

These PFA insulated thermocouple wire sensors are hermetically sealed at the sensor tip to provide continuous PFA protection over the . TE Connectivity (TE) designs and builds hermetic connectors (plugs and receptacles), headers and other devices to solve challenging electrical interconnect . ITG SUBJECT: HERMETICALLY SEALED ELECTRONIC COMPONENT LEAK DETECTION.

The leak detection system discussed in this ITG is . For applications requiring hermetically sealed connectors – like vacuum processing equipment, pressure vessels or continually immersed devices – some. The safe and reliable solution for applications in chemical and petrochemical industries. This indicator utilizes a . When fabricating metals which need to be hermetically sealed to ceramic or glass, a highly specialized understanding of both manufacturing and science is . In that time, she presumably paid close attention to how his . Relays are completely sealed to prevent any contamination from entering. There, people are hermetically sealed off from one another, not taking in the air or the stupendous buildings or the sky or just the miracle of . Our hermetically sealed filters feature hermetic glass seals making them highly reliable in the toughest environmental conditions.

Top synonym for hermetically sealed (another word for hermetically sealed ) is tight. Leading the industry with the widest range of hermetically sealed reed contact blocks featuring convenient snap-on secured assembly, saving valuable time and . Campaigning for his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, days before . Has anyone fully explored the topic of hermetically sealed filler metal containers? Too frequently we receive low hydrogen electrode in . Stock and custom availability.

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In hospital clean-rooms, clinics or food production facilities as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, tightly sealed doors are indispensable. To obtain the ultimate degree of moisture protection, the load cell must be stainless steel and hermetically sealed. Hermetic basically means fully sealed or air tight.