Gz32 datasheet

Mullar Philips, Tungsram, Ultron. Equivalente types, 5AQ 5V CV593. The datasheets may be quite extensive, including multiple graphs showing . U4G Svetlana Winged =C= Datasheet here. General Electric datasheet.

GZ: pas de datasheet en pdf, mais on sait que l’appellation . GZ, Philips, rr, GZ32. Pentode de puissance HF (25W) utilisée en. Brochage identique (160):.

AR 5AT 5V 5Y 5Z GZ, GZ34 . V4G-A datasheet http://www. One view I read a lot is that the GZhas a max Crating of 60uF (as per the data sheet ) so you can fit any value up to this and your ok . GZdatasheet , cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. If you look at the data sheet for the 5Vyou will see pin of the tube is common to one side of the filament and the cathode.

Allthough the tube is not similar to the GZ, there are some interesting. Best 5V4G) 5V4G= GZBrimar UK D getter halo 1950’s. D – BEST SINGLE) 231D Western Electric 19with data sheet (ma). Die Zweiweg-Gleichrichterröhre GZ 32. Eine GZ , hergestellt für Dario von Philips-Miniwatt.

Für an diesen Daten Interessierte habe ich . I looked at many datasheets , but cannot find it – or i. The 274B should be okay as should be the GZimo. Every type of rectifier has a max uF limit specified in the tube data sheet. I have also found some Mullard and Philips GZbut in different color tube bases.

Twin diode for full wave. Double Anode Rectifying Tube. High Vacuum Full Wave Rectifier. Whereas, the 5V4G seems to limited to 175ma in both kinds of circuits.

Type, Sys, Prototypes and Possible Substitutes from CV spec, Prototypes and Possible Substitutes from the CV register.