Cable 6×0 75

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The product Ribbon cable 6×0.

Please check the suggested alternative . Kabel Listrik Roll FEDERAL CABLE CABLE NYYHY 6X0. The information in this brochure has been compiled with the utmost care. Liability for the correctness completeness and topicality of the information is restricted. Buy LIYY data cable 6×0. Fast shipping on all Control and data cables orders within Europe.

Shielded cable for rotor operated antennas, conductors with sqmm each.

Ce produit est conforme: Directive basse tension. Approprié pour un tirage souterrain:. Câble de transmission de données extra-souple en paires. Type LI-YCY 6X, MM².

Bare copper stranded wire grey. Cheyns vous propose un large assortiment de produits Techno Specials pour les professionnels électrotechniques. These robot cables are absolutely torsion-loadable and are highly resistant to flexural stresses. Flexible data transmission, control and interconnecting cable for measuring, control and. Cable multi-conducteur flexible blinde 10×0.

HSTCN-OZ 6x, sw Tr. COMMUNICATION CABLE , SANTOPRENE 6X0. Size of cable for main pump: 3×1. Radio interference supression: EMC Certificate . LOW VOLTAGE POWER CABLES.

KV PVC insulated multi-core, flexible cables.

Tensile strength of the carrier. Halogen-free control cables with insulation and sheath from special thermoplastic. Shielded flexible cable for data transmission circuits, transmission of analog and.

CCA non blindé 6X,gaine externe IN PVC . C- Conducteurs câblés en couches concentriques. Autre point chaud : le câble souple blindé pour transformateurs de fréquence.