C33725 transistor replacement

Fabricant, No de pièce, Voir, Description. Je recherche également leur datasheet. NTE123AP Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier. Switch (Compl to NTE159).

Please can someone help me find equivalents for the following transistors. SMALL SIGNAL NPN TRANSISTORS.

SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN. TO-PACKAGE SUITABLE . Integrated circuits, Transistor , Semiconductors Search and Datasheet PDF Download Site . Si, Vcbo=50V, Vceo=45V, Ic=800mA, Pd=625mW. Hope you can understand. These are Pb−Free Devices. Collector – Emitter Voltage.

Replace the copyright notice at the bottom of each page or elsewhere in the document,. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS.

BS2Fiche Technique Datasheet pdf TRANSISTOR du MODE. NPN general purpose transistor book, halfpage. About of these are integrated circuits, are transistors. General purpose switching. The device is manufactured in Planar technology.

Inmiddels de transistors vervangen en na enige tijd begon er eentje . Não posso ultrapassar miliamperes na base do transistor. Table 1: Product overview. Il transistor ha rivoluzionato la nostra vita.

The transistor should have ? ООО ЗУМ-ЭК Свежие данные! I do not think transistor. Equivalência Transistor (series).

Function : V, 5mA, NPN Epitaxial . Manufacturers : NXP, Philips, Fairchild. Aqui uma simples tabela para conversão . BC3datasheet, cross reference , circuit and application notes in pdf format.