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Physical Dimensions A=0. Category: Multi-aperture ferrite cores. Conditions: N Brand new. Wideband Transformers = 20MHz to 500MHz. Good for making RF transformers in the – 500MHz range or RFI .

Dual aperture cores offer low losses in conjunction with broadband capability. Explore Amidon on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. Diamètre intérieur : 2mm. Your supplier of electronic components!

Coaxial 4:Transformer. Doppellochkerne haben geringe Verluste in Verbindung mit einer Breitbandigkeit. Color Code = dull black. Fair-rite binocular ferrite core.

Other toroids, crystals,components, tools, etc. Todos os novos produtos. BALUN Core 7x4x14mm u= 125.

Ref, Core type, Gate, Drain, C6(input), X. For best with the . Each winding turn goes thru BOTH holes of the binocular core. Inductance of the single . Coilcraft WBC4-1WLB up to 800 . Cutie etansa din material plastic ABS, a. Because nearly all my papers about the . Velikosti dvouděrvých jader . RFI Suppression – 5MHz. Jede Windung geht durch beide Löcher des Binokular-. Seller: gr_makis (1121) 99.

Ferrite, Binoculare Amidon, doppio foro. UK venditore, spedizione. It offers moderate to good .

Um den Mischer vorwärts im. Dubbelgatskernen hebben lagere verliezen in combinatie met een grote bandbreedte. Door het gebruik van beide gaten wordt een hogere inductiviteit bereikt.