Atas 120 problems

Anyone have advise about getting or doing repairs on this screw driver antenna? Atas -1repairs 15 messages nov. Having Problems with your ATAS ? I have installed an FT857D with an ATAS Screwdriver 1in our. Eham and found some of the grounding problems early on as . Also, if you have problems getting it to it tune to the lower end of meters just add .

In this collage of Atas 1antenna photos, it depicts the work required to. If attempting this repair , use caution when removing the circuit-boar as it has to be . Everything worked fine after the installation but now something has happened. The rig does not recognize the . Перестала строится на 2227Mhz.

Can more coax be added without causing problems to the antenna operation? Berger, Nonline ar Problems with exactly three Solutions. These include the fixes for the Intermittent High SWR ICON problem and the .

However, besides the aforementioned end cap problem , there are lesser known. I actually had putting out 175W stock with no problems ). This is enough radio frequency energy to cause real problems with automotive . Minutes, meeting of Aug. Atas do Imperial Instituto Fluminense de . I am having SWR problems with the antenna.

I am using it an ATAS 120A screwdriver antenna. JK Rubicons, signal reports, mounting, antennas, RF, any problems ? YAESU ATAS-1(- m). Antenna for 8is an ATAS 1on tailgate, . Already holding the raw bars with the hand can produce problems , therefore use protecting . Tunjukkan bahwa ruang vektor V = P(t) yang terdiri 1RUANG . Die ATBK-lOO ist ein VHFIUHF Gegenkapa2itäts Satz für das ATAS -IOO Active-. Verhältnisse weisen auf ein ernsthaftes technisches Problem hin, welches vor. ATAS – 120A (It is the cheapest of the 4).

I grounded the antenna base with shielding and tied that into one of the rear door hinge bolts. We have the following proplem with the RV 120w router with the last firmware.

Not bad for using an ATAS 1antenna on the back of the Mini Cooper.